The Tentative List

The Tentative List

The Tentative List is an inventory of natural and/or cultural heritage sites that a State Party considers to demonstrate potential Outstanding Universal Value to humanity and therefore suitable for nomination to the World Heritage List.

A site must be included on a State Party’s Tentative List for at least one year before it can be nominated to the World Heritage List. Inclusion on the Tentative List does not automatically confer a site with World Heritage status. The Tentative List simply provides a tool for planning and advocacy of a nation’s outstanding natural and cultural heritage, and assists the World Heritage Committee to assess the context from which a country’s particular nominations are made.

Sites on the Tentative List can be added, removed, or updated at any time. The World Heritage Committee encourages State Parties to review their Tentative List regularly. The process of revising a Tentative List can take the form of both a complete revision of the List, or the addition or removal of individual sites. Approximately 95% of States Parties to the Convention have created a Tentative List. All Tentative Lists submitted to the World Heritage Committee by States Parties are available at

Ireland’s Tentative List is continually evolving and will be revised at frequent intervals, which will enable further sites to be identified. In order to be added to the Tentative List sites must meet specific World Heritage standards including:

  • Justification of the global significance of the site (Outstanding Universal Value)
  • Evidence of stakeholder engagement and support
  • Clear description of site area and boundaries
  • Comparative Analysis with similar sites
  • Sufficient management and protection systems

Exclusion from the Tentative List in no way devalues the heritage significance of a site rather it means that the site does not meet specific World Heritage standards.